Eat Your Colors

Improve your health and avoid chronic conditions simply by eating your colors. Food phytochemicals hold the key to vibrance, health and long life. Find out more about eating your colors.


Prevent and stave off lagging energy, digestive complaints, wrinkles, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lowered stress tolerance, and reduced mobility. Find out more about anti-aging here.

Kids and Healthy Diets

The food that we feed our children could be making them toxic. Find out how to get your kids to eat right with the 7-Color Cuisine Kids Club.


Welcome to my new blog site. The updated design and plan of my new website will make it easier to keep you informed of the latest items of interest in nutrition science. Many of you have been following my work for years and I am extremely pleased to have this new vehicle for providing the latest information, products and services. A fun new addition to my family and my blog site is Jordy’s corner.” This blog will offer tips on pet nutrition and other matters – straight from my puppy’s sources.

Marcia Zimmerman

Nutritional Oils and the Paleolithic Diet

Scientists provide convincing evidence that evolutionary discordance in diet (along with sedentary lifestyle and high caloric intake) is the basis for the diseases of civilization. Historical and archeological evidence shows hunter-gatherers generally were lean, fit, and largely free from the …

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Phytonutrients Are Disease Fighting Pigments

Phytochemicals are nutrients whose time has come. The bright colored pigments you see in plants, flowers and fruit give evidence of the amazing disease fighting chemicals a food contains. And, the more diverse your daily intake of phytochemical pigments, the …

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Bisphenol A (BPA) Ban Rejected by FDA

BPA is a widely used plasticizer to make plastics stiffer yet pliable. It is used in plastic baby bottles, water bottles, and in lining soup cans and other food. We wrap our food in it and sometimes heat food in …

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Amino Acids to Fight Pain, Stabilize Mood and Reduce Stress

You may be one of millions of Americans who have persistent pain, have ups and downs in mood and under constant stress, there is a surprising nutrition solution. Enter phenylalanine and tyrosine the amino acid precursors of neurotransmitters and neurohormones …

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Seasonal Preparedness for the Stuffy Nose Ahead

Flu is a fact of life: sooner or later everyone, at the most inconvenient time, is bound to get sick.  Whether it’s before a big presentation or a marathon, our daily activities don’t slow down and step aside so that …

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